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The Local Gardener partnered with a National company

Updated: May 21, 2019

Joining forces with John Lewis

Many people are unaware what exactly John Lewis has to do with Gardening. So let us explain. John Lewis have formed a home solution service. Providing customers with a variate of tradesman and services from gardening to plumbing. All the work is covered with a 12 month guarantee and comes with the level of customer service and workmanship you have grown to expect from John Lewis.

Delivering a John Lewis level of service is not something everyone can achieve that is why John Lewis Home Solutions have such a vigorous vetting system and through out the work provided they regularly review and monitor to ensure everything is as expected. All payments go directly through John Lewis and are billed after the work has been completed. For some services that pricing is not very clear they offer a free quotation.

John Lewis Statement from

All of our tradespeople are fully insured and accredited. You can also rest assured that every trade professional we refer to you holds the appropriate qualifications to do their job, and they’re fully compliant with any relevant legislation.


Now when you are looking for a local gardener in Northamptonshire or Bedfordshire you have the opportunity to book us directly through John Lewis Home Solutions. Clear pricing, Clear online booking system, Clear secure payment through John Lewis Home Solutions and a Clear guarantee of workmanship.

The Local Gardener partnered with a National company