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Garden Tidy up

Neglected gardens are still gardens.

Nature will continue going even when you stop.

No job too large or small.

Take ownership of your garden today with a free no obligation quote or direct pricing available online. For a garden tidy up  we will need to see your garden to understand what is needed to make it presentable.  We can provide you with a digital estimate  of the timescale needed if you are able to provide us with some images capturing your garden clearly. You can send these via email or Whatsapp using your smart phone.  We can also book you in for a few hours to get started and look to arrange a further visit to get the job completed if needed. Another option would be to explain your priorities and get as much done to fit within your budget.

Gardener Northampton will endeavour to quote a timescale in our experiences to complete the job but this is only an estimate. We will give you an hourly rate that does not include waste removal but we can quote waste removal once on site or if you decide you do not want to include waste removal we can utilise your green waste bin and a section of the garden for wastage to be left on site.


What to expect on your garden tidy up.

Everything that is needed to make your garden presentable again. You can take a look out our online gallery to see some before and after images to get a better understanding. When on site we will start Trimming overgrown grass, weeding, removing brambles, removing ivy, cutting back overgrown shrubs, bushes and low hanging trees. Aiming to open up your garden and take control of nature to leave it presentable and maintainable.

Gardener Northampton operates in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes, Rugby and Peterborough. We will consider any location in the surrounding counties to these areas. 

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