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Garden Tidy Up

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Neglected gardens are still gardens.

Nature will continue going even when you stop.

Where to start?

Let enough time pass and your garden will soon become a jungle. Nature won't take long to take its natural course and in the blink of an eye or a few months of not stepping into the garden and suddenly you have your own jungle where your garden once lay.

It can be very overwhelmed trying to get this back into what you remember a garden to be. The grass looks like it belongs in a farmer's field rather than a residential garden. Ivy has managed to take over the flower bed, the hedges and anything else in its path, weeds run rampant with more weeds running even more rampant within them and your hedges look like trees.

The solution's is simple. Time to call in a Gardener. Gardener Northampton to be more accurate. 

The aim will be to get your jungle under control and turn in back into a garden once again.

What will it cost?

Every garden tidy up is priced accordingly and will need to be evaluated what is needed for your garden tidy up. We offer a free no obligation quote. 

We will start at the front and work out way back until your garden is a garden once again. We offer wastage removal as we are fully licensed to remove and dispose of waste. We ensure that all waste is disposed of in accordance with environmental standards.

Have a look at some of our before and after pictures to get an understanding of what can be achieved.

Let the kids have a garden once again or end of tenancy requirements to ensure you get your deposit back or simply just so you can enjoy the good weather when it come around.

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